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 The Argus 35 Tooling Development
 Designed in New Zealand and manufactered in Queensland, the first stage of construction requires the building of temporary plugs that are identical in shape to the finished production boat. A female mold is taken that is then used for the production of the actual vessel parts. The following sequence shows the progression from frames to finished moulds.
   Frames CNC cut and ready for assembly..
   Frames assembled on a strong back.
   Frames planked with MDF
   Main hull ready for fairing.
   Assembled hull plug.
   Faired and ready for mould making.
   Constructing the mould.
   The mould.
   Start the deck plug..
   Note the precision of the CNC router detail.
   Deck planking finished.
   Cabin detail
   Aft deck
   Working on non-skid layout.
   Saloon roof framing cut on the CNC router
   Roof faired
   And painted
   Deck plug painted
   Aft painted
    Non-skid pattern checking
   Non-skid down and tooling gel-coat on roof
   A beaut!
   To see more detail of this boat such as interiour options and to contact the maker... click here for Argus Boats

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