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 Ian's Little Project Continues.....

 Update on the boat building project reported in TCP #36 (First Instalment). Ian Campbell's custom designed motor/sailor catamaran using polypropylene, “Polycore” panels. First a correction in the last article, I incorrectly identified timber that was used in the fitout as Kauri when in fact it was Kiri.

Work is going along at the Maryborough Slipway despite what has been atrocious weather this year. If you are a rice farmer you would be loving it but for boat building this continually wet weather sucks! Using vinylester resins that set quicker than epoxy is probably helping. Ian's goal of completion in 9 months is still seemingly attainable.

Just a few pictures tell the story of the progress to date.

Though the Polycore material is relatively inexpensive, delivery delays are a concern. We'll keep you posted.
And Ian admits that the jury is out until the boat is tested in the water but with Ian's engineering background and what can be seen so far in the build, it looks OK. Walking about the bridgedeck and cockpit reveal a pretty solid feel underfoot. Not like concrete but similar to that of a good household timber floor. The hulls are well supported with bulkheads close together and furniture incorporated into the structure.
Ian doesn't incorporate much for accommodation in the hulls. He prefers to keep the bridgedeck for living space and the hulls for storage of stuff you don't need often.
Vega I, Ian’s previous boat, was laid out similarly.

This is a great test for this material.

Last note: Bob August of Polycore gave a ring and we talked about Ian's project, the pain of building with epoxy
and other stuff. He states that the delivery delays for Polycore are getting worked out which as mentioned above was a concern. TCP would like to see this material succeed. Anything that adds to the variety available to builders has to be a good thing and especially if it can save a few bob. The increases in the costs of resins and foams etc… make saving money on materials more than a hobby. That coupled with a hard market and reduced values of finished product (lets be honest… boats are selling for less when they are selling at all) has created some hardship in the trade.

   Just a quick stroll through the shed again... The method for laminating a full length panel is demonstrated here and that may be particularly useful to some. The resin is Vinylester.
   The cockpit has been fabricated and installed since last instalment...
   Ians is fitting the helm and controls unit
   And showing of how light his steps are...
   I grabbed a piece of scrap and cut off a piece diagonally to show what it looked like inside.