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 Due to Council treachery, we have had to turn our attention away from the boat in an effort to save the beautiful country home we once treasured.

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Imagine getting jerked out of bed at 0330 from the noise of 737 going low over your house when no plane traffic was anywhere close to your home before.

So, we have been full time investigators and lobbiest for over 6 months and what we have found would make the most cynical blush. We will be moving the project to a location where the work can proceed without the constant stress. That is why the hulls have not been joined. And any "aviator" that wants to have a face to face chat about this.. that suits me fine. I would love to have a little quiet talk.

 An Update... we eventually made progress on this issue on behalf of the community of Booral but too late for us. The toll on our health and happiness was significant. We had to go. We sold up just as the paths of most aircraft were routed around us again.