The Barebones project, See the log menu below

 Not all of these steps are recorded in the order they actually occured but hopefully makes more sense to view.
Many parts have been updated.

 Just uploaded - November, 2015 Parts 33-36

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Part 1-Gluing the panels together

  Part 2-The first steps in assembling a hull

 Part 3- Bulkheads and turning one hull and other stuff. Much progress! 

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 Part 4- Hard lessons learned and a new trick

  Part 5-flipping the port hull

  Part 6-Bogging and outgassing

 The temporary shelter

 Part 7-Outgassing from the core?? The answer!

Part 8, Moving the Hulls to a New Home 

  Part 9, help from my friends..

Boat building and health and injury

Part 10, flip em and join em!

 Part 11, The bridge deck

Part 12, taping in voids

 Project Delayed!

 Part 13, Foreward Lockers and first ply Bulkheads

 Part 14, Making main bulkheads of ply

 Part 15, Installing the main bulkhead and more.. this is a big one!

 Project continues
 Part 16, composite chainplates

 Part 17, The Forebeam

 Part 18, Laminating with Vinylester resin

  Some Cool Tools!

Part 19, Decks!

Part 20, Cabin Bulkhead and Cockpit

Part 21, taping that long sheer

 How to make a "split sander"

Part 22, Designing and building cabin sides

Part 23, installing furniture!

 Part 24, foredeck lockers and mast deck

 Part 25, Aft Decks and Voids

 Part 26, shaping the rudders

 Part 27, Kick up rudder cassettes

 Part 28, Dagger Boards!

 Part 29, Dagger Board Cases

Part 30 Decoring for hatches

 Part 31 Back beam

 Part 32 Nightmare! ATL strikes again, defective products

 Part 33 Motor pods

 Part 34 Mounting the board cases

 Part 35 Duckboard

 Part 36 The cabin top