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 Lets try ply for a bulkhead and the ..'forward lockers'? 'front roll'? chain bin'?

Whatever you call those lockers up front... and I wanted to make my main bulkheads out of ply for reasons of strength and cost.. but how to go about it? So, I tried on the smallest one and it worked just fine.

   The smallest bulkhead I was to make was the rudder bulkheads. Least to risk if it doesn't work. I had a big stack of good 9mm marine ply and wanted to make all of my main bulkheads out of it but figured I would test the joining of them and fitting with these. I first cut a pattern out of cheap bracing ply to use for a template for the other 4 pieces. Port and starboard, front and back.
   I did everything with a hand saw, but a decent one.
   Mix up glue and weight it down... BUT, the first attempt failed. The panels slipped while the glue was setting. I found I needed to put in just two nails to keep the alignment.
   I laminated the surface of the bulkheads with 450 gr DB glass and epoxy and taped in place.. All good!
   So I used a similar method to make the front lockers bulkheads. At first I had this fantasy that I could torture the 9mm ply into this curve... no way. So I tried making kerf cuts into the backside by the roll, no way. So I took my power saw and ripped pieces of ply o make some rough strip plank. All good!
   i can not live without bracing strap. Very useful stuff. I stuck stuff everywhere to keep in place and align and then glued on the inside. After that I put up the main piece of ply and it was hard to bend even the very modest curve left in it.
    I am now removing all the screws and bits. As my ply was 2400mm and the width was over 3000, I taped a section on, see the joint on the left side. I did all the heavy glassing on the inside and then ground off the tape on the outside. It was pretty easy to sand off the strip plank to a fair roll. As I was about to glass I applied a layer of thin bogg to finish the surface.
Why I don't have any photos of the glassing of this panel?? Because I stuffed up and had to press my photographer into service in an emergency operation!! I cut the glass (600gr DB) and had it hanging from the top with little welding clamps. I figured I would wet it in place. I totally underestimated the difficulty in wetting on a horizontal, let alone reverse angle. I was in serious trouble and Kay gave a hand to consolidate whilst I rolled resin on... or threw resin in the general direction and hoped some of it stuck. It came out OK but without the emergency help... I think It would have failed.