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 Foredeck lockers and Mast Deck
 I figured on making the port side of the centre locker the mounting place for a windlass... So before anything, made a doubling plate out of 18mm ply.
   Then to strengthen the edge, more 18mm ply. One piece all the way across and one part way. The main doubling plate will fit into the notch on the port side. This shot is after gluing and bracing. There was a little bow on the edge so have it braced to lock it into straight.
   Then taped in the lot with heavy tri ax. What I didn't get a chance to photo was the unidirectional tape I installed that ran all the way forward on top of the starboard side of the ply and all the way back and down the bulkhead on your left to the bridge deck. I ran this so that it ran over the top of the tape that is fastening the "T" shape intersection at left of photo. The idea is to place the load on the bulkheads to left rather then the forward edge of the locker.
   As you can see I laminated the bottom of the ply before installation and have used peel ply on all tape joints.
   This was the time to tape down all the forward deck panels so cut holes for hatches that I intended to make using the off cut deck and piece of laminated ply on top but later changed that as real hatches became available for dirt cheap. Liquidation stock from bankrupt builder. But anyway.. all the inside tapes first then trim up and do outside. The centre piece of deck that was cut away to work on the centre locker was replaced and a heavy layer of glue mix applied to the ply in the pic.
   Using scraps, made a deck panel of 20mm foam and joined to bulkheads from underside first.
   Filleting and taping. Notice I have the settee frame extending to the underside of the mast step. Can't sit there but a very good pilot berth.
   Laminated a panel for the sides and lofted.
   Here I have trimmed much of the excess cabin side panels and have a bar across to judge relative positions of upright panels.
   and to use to hold up the panels.
   Now for the back section, more pieces of scrap foam.
   Screwed together with plastic in between to prevent glue from sticking to ply. Then flip over and laminate and then flip again and laminate this side and then it's ready for...
   Trimming and placing. I got some scraps to round off the edges a bit and taped everything in place then...
   Got to the other side and ground off all the excess, rounded the corners and ready for...
   and there you are.

 copyright 2010 The Coastal Passage