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 Aft Decks and Voids
   The centre section in the lower deck had already been cut away and the piece saved. This is to be the kick up rudder cassette. I placed the full width deck panel there to keep from breaking legs.... but is not fastened yet. The upper aft deck panel is a 20mm foam section laminated with 800 DB. Because there was some torturing invovled to obtain a modest compound curve, the upper deck panel was taped an angle at a time. Get one right and once set, tackle another side.
   As shown here the panel is already taped at the far end. I have it screwed down to the rudder bulkhead to hold it down but do not have support along the keel panel side so working from scaffaolding so my weight doesn't distort the edge while I work. Here I have the coving done and working on the other side. Kay taking the photos. Very narrow time slot to work to avoid outgassing of the duflex and before the rising humidity and loss of sunlight. Did both hulls.

 I left the edge of the panel hanging off as wasn't sure yet if it should be cut. Once I investigated mounting the outboards it was apparent it was OK to cut and did so.

The hatches have been cut and the cutout piece was glued onto a piece of 9mm ply with 1 inch overhang all around. The top of the ply was laminated with light woven cloth.

   Looking through the hatch you can see the sub deck I installed earlier.
   Closer look into the sub deck area. Did these late and ran so low on light was working by brail. photos not an option at the time.
   In the lower decks we made voids.
   I used the glass angles made as in this page, but when I ran out I stuck in pieces of treated timber which I glued and taped in.
   The centre part of the lower aft deck panels have been cut away and saved to incorporate into the cassettes. The remainders have been fastedened in with a heavy glue mix and plenty of it! I wanted to make sure the box was water tight before I worked on the top tapes.
   Here I have shaped the edges and applied the coving. Notice the time on the clock... 0522.. a little early to work on the sunny side of the tent so did the taping on the port side hull first.
   As normal, all materials have been cut and prepared... speed deffinately counts.
   This photo taken at a latter date shows the whole thing done up.

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