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Motor Pods

 This is a fetly little project that just can't be done, or shouldn't be attempted without the motors to make a trial fit!

   After measuring.. real eyeball engineering, I cut a piece of 6mm ply to the shape and screwed in a couple of 2 by 4's along the edges. A couple of clamps and curve established. I cut a piece of 600 gram DB glass to fit except clearing the edges as I didn't want to glue the 2 by 4"s to the project.
   Glass wetted in.
   Bogg applied over fresh lamination. Later the piece was flipped over and inside glassed as per outside.
   I cut a stick and screwed it into the boat. I want the inside of the pod to be against the stick.
   The transom is 4 layers of 9mm ply with resin and glass lamination. 40mm all up (1 1/2"). It is cut to the shape my eye said should be OK.

 Here you can see how the stick traps the pod where I want it. All the timbers and sticks I'm using to position the work are fastened with screws to the boat but after the taping inside, all the screws will be pulled and the holes covered by tape.


The ply was sanded on to get a final shape but not too much.

   On the upper left edge of the pod, I later added a doubling plate of ply extending all the way down to the bottom.
   I had to use a stick with various things taped to the end to work in this very difficult corner. The result wasn't beautiful but not bad and hidden in use anyway. I only has to hang together and it has.
   There! Now to put some primer on it.
   Before I taped outside I wanted to push the pod into a better shape.
   Stick removed and ready for tape.
   Outside taping done.
   This shows the taping for the transom. Multiple layers. The outside tape is carbon uni.
   I also took a light piece of foam and wrapped it around the edges of both pods. I shaped that into deflector.. hopefully. I used a lot of bogg on the lower side to make the angle gentle so as to avoid banging in a rough sea. This has since been proven. These pods work and are tough enough!

 The ply cutout is the shape of the honda's gear.


Not clear in this photo but there is a pod drain in the bottom inner corner.


 so it should all work, right? I have measured and measure and scratched my chin.... it should work but lets try it out.

Malcolm gives a hand.

   "just a little more"...
   Uh oh....
   "I've got a tool for that!"
   There we go!

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