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 The "Casa Cat" folding and trailerable cat for the home builder.


 Part 3, Cabin Shelving
   Use a template for locating the centre of the circle you're about to cut out for the shelf front.
   Then remove the template, centre the drill bit in the hole and drill out the corners
   Cabin shelving front panel corners drilled. Just cut out the openings with a jigsaw.
   Front cut out and shelves ready to assemble.
   Dry fit to check all is well.
   Dry fit to the cabin roof.
   Dry fit the shelving, still attached to the cabin roof, to the hull.
   Cabin roof and shelves removed, permanently glued, and fairing started.
   All painted before final fitting to hull.
   Skin behind shelves faired and painted prior to installation.
   Glue and temporarily screw complete painted bedroom roof and shelf to the hull. Glue the outer skin on and glass the external corners with double bias tape. The hull is now complete and no faring or painting in confined spaces required.

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