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 The Launch of Lyra

 The following is mostly a photographic report of launch day.
   First sunshine as she rolls out of the big shed at the Mary River Slipway in Maryborough
   And First grounding! The trailer has a hard time coping with the high bridge deck clearance.
   To give some understanding of the rig structure
   Now next door at the boat ramp.
   And the unavailing of the name..
   Ian has a right to be a proud father!
   That low trailer issue again..
   So with a little third world engineering..
   It will just make it
   all clear now
   But since we are getting close to the water and the truck might loose control the switch is made to a block
   and away we go...

 First Kiss!!!!

I love these shots

   easy now...
   Start the motors..
   AH SHIT! bloody bridle got caught in the trailer frame and the current is shifting the boat toward a wharf on the starboard side.
   OK.. free but need to move quick to keep her from scratching the new paint
   made it but the brand new motors get brought to revs to do it. Good thing they were well sorted before going in.

 And now begins a few days worth of work to prepare for a cruise to see what she will do.

she is sitting a little low on the marks. The antifoul is just under the waterline. Should have been two inches higher.


Will she really sail? Will she be a slug? It's all theory so far.