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 Not many home boat builders are fortunate enough to have a shed big enough for a project. Temporary shelters are often very expensive and the outcome is a lot of builders spend time and money on shelters of tarps and 4 X 2's that don't always make the grade. The one shown below comes from VP Structures in Yatala Queensland. The cost for my 8 X 14 metre structure was $4,300 plus shipping. I also spent about $280 for weekend hire of a post hole digger and cherry picker. Fright Rite of Brisbane is the cheapest shipper for everything.. they're phone number is 07 3279 9700. I found VP structures first rate. After service assistance and backup were outstanding. Highly recommended. If you have question about ordering your own, email me for info or ring 07 4125 7328 . The company provides a variety of covers and configurations.. make sure you have the right combo.
 All the pipe sections were well marked and easy to work out. First thing is digging post holes, alignment and concreting in. I left the laser level in place and rotated it around to marks on the pipe sections to get the level right and used a spirit level to get them straight. At this stage if you are concerned you might be off a small amount on alignment.. I would then set the pipes a little undersized... say an inch total.
 I rented this cherry picker for a weekend for $150. Can't beat it!
 It took over a week of waiting for a calm morning to pull up the cover. The instructions are clear.. if there is any wind at all don't do it! This morning we barely made it. A breeze came up in the middle of the operation and actually helped bring the cover over as it lifted it up but it was scary!! Directly after it was pulled over the morning breeze came up and it would have been deadly if we had dallied.
 Three on the ropes and one with a stick to push it over sticky spots.
 Thats Andrew, Ralph, me and Chris, Thanks!
 As it stood this morning. I was going to use the dirt to level the area inside but the dirt was delivered short of ordered quantity (grrhrh$&@**!!!, 9 metres my ass!!) and was half fill sand instead of the top soil ordered.. not sure what to do with the pile of rubbish. The cover is held down by the strip you see on the shoulder. The side curtains are held down by whatever.. sand in this case.